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Samuel Colt



Samyueru Koruto


The Merchant of Death (死の商人 Shi no Shōnin)
Samuel Hvítt (サミュエル・ヒヴィット Samyueru Hivuitto)
Scourge of the Daedra (悪魔の惨劇 Akuma no Sangeki, by Zagan during the Northern Daedric Invasion)
Father (父親 Chichioya, by Ashkelon)




Human (Alstroemerian)




Hartford, Alstroemeria County, Fiore


Male.png Male


31 (X790)

Blood Type


Hair Color

Dirty Blonde/Light Brown

Eye Color



1.82 meters (6ft)


68kg (149 lbs)

Guild Mark Color

Dark Blue

Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder

Professional Status
  • Colt Manufactorum
  • Magic Council
  • Fairy Tail (Edolas)
  • Fiore Thegn
Previous Affiliation

Tower of Heaven
Edolas Army


Independent Mage

Previous Occupation

S-Class mage
Royal Engineer
General of the Edolas Army

Previous Partner(s)


Personal Status


Marital Status




  • Unnamed parents (deceased)
  • Margaret Colt (Elder Sister; deceased)
Powers & Equipment
  • Guns Magic (銃弾魔法(ガンズ・マジック) Ganzu Majikku)
  • Archive (古文書(アーカイブ) Ākaibu)
  • Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法 Tentai Mahō)

Colt Sword


The Battle of Alstroemeria

Samuel Colt (サミュエルコルト Samyueru Koruto) is an human male and an infamous Hunter who is widely known as the The Merchant of Death (死の商人 Shi no Shōnin) due to making various of weaponry such as firearms. When he was sent to Edolas, he became the valið to Yndislegt Hvítt, an official permanent member of the Fairy Tail guild and the first one to hold office as the Royal Engineer of the kingdom of Edolas before passing it down to his apprentice and an Thegn of the Fiore kingdom.


Samuel Colt (full body).png

Samuel's an human standing at 1.82 meters (6ft) and weighing. He's an male with an messy dirty Blonde/light Brown hair with violet-blue. he's an slim individual who does perform exercise and fitness have an semi-muscular physique above the average, but he's not overally musacular that it's pronounced.

Samuel carries himself to been an dignified man in his attire due to his heritage, often attributing it as the Heritage Armour of the Colt family. Samuel is often shown wearing an grey-ish green suit over an yellow shirt, with four buttons to his stomach area of the suit, grey belt with grey pants that goes just under his kneecaps, ending with boots that is steel-caped. He wears some kind of trench coat with his family's sigil on the left side above and that comes to gloves and gold trimmings. For accessories, he's constantly have an strap on his left shoulder that holds his rifle, with on his right leg holds an shealth of sorts carring another firearm. he also wears glasses.


Samuel Colt on a train.jpg

Samuel Colt is an hardworking inventor and weaponist often more focus on progressing weapons and arcane weapons technologies within firearms. He's shown as an very formal person and often address others in an formal manner, rarely having an "laid back" attitude. He's always concerns on his work then above all else. However during times of slowness and "relaxation", he reflects on his past or the experience has, often looking back then looking towards the future of his work as not only an firearm inventor but as an spellcaster. No matter the situations, he's always level-headed and can speak cohesively to any associate or business partners, even to those who doesn't speak his language. He as shown dedication in learning about the languages of other cultures, as this will contribute to an better understanding.

Samuel before killing Margaret Colt, who was Samuel Liddell Mathers

Colt being an spellcaster, was formally an member to Misericordia listed as an S-Class mage of superior Guns Magic strength and skill. He has shown agrresion towards any dark mage or anyone that disrepects himself or others. He normally keep his emotions in check but will express his anger in his expression, often invoking an reaction. During the battle of Alstroemeria, his undying rage towards his attackers, along with the daedric onslaught was shown. Highly aggressive and quick to kill not only the daedric but human dark mages, he will not hesitant to kill anyone that threatens the livelyhoods of others, or even his business. He will even kill mages that he called allies, stating "any that betrays deserve their fate", revealing an hatred to betrayers and will not hesitant to kill, not even granting second chances.

Samuel Colt.jpg

Samuel were among the three only survivors on the conflict itself, which he had an drastic change in perception on the world. During the war, he had self-doubt and wanted to escape with his family. However after losing his family to the daedra and the fact he was forced to kill his younger sister, who turned was the Golden Dawn member Samuel Liddell Mathers one of the founders, he lost the hope of victory or even thinking saving everything. He was able to flee after locating Mary Jane and Excelsior in the secret Alstroemeria Catacombs in despair and grief. Fled the city and parted ways with Mary and Excelsior, he blames himself for his friend's death as well as the 100,000+ people that lived in it. Since then he an new look on life, not only progressing his weapons to be better - stronger, he cared for people around him, so they may not face the harsh trauma of losing an love early too early. In travels he demonstrated his willing to assist strangers and individuals wherever his nearby, even being an focal point of encouragement and help younger people to get motivated. Despite all this, he still blames himself for failing to stop the Illuminati and the Daedric attacks.

Samuel the Protector.

Upon joining the Magic Council as one of the Hunters, Samuel possess an stoic and calculating persona where he began to plan ahead and perform his tasks while thinking about those around him. More often seen assisting the Enforcement Unit, he holds an straight-forward perspective as shown when arresting Jellal, informing Fairy Tail and members of Blue Pegasus that one good deed does not redeem the crimes of the past, especially firing a Etherion blast in order to give the Tower of Heaven magic energy needed to activate. He also explained to them that unlike ya lot, who he believes are acting out of turn, Erza is more hurtful of his arrest but understands why this must be done. In most cases, he began on the side of the Council when needed he'll voice is opinion on certain matters involving Fairy Tail as a whole, who like Doranbolt believes death is not the fate they deserve. Thanks to his time in Edolas and with the Saurians, he became a more open, gentle individual and only gets serious when the need arises. However despite all of that, he still distant himself from internal struggles and conflictions, believing that only he can bare the pain of his past and no one else can help him/



Early Life

Samuel was born in the town of Alstroemeria to two unnamed members of the Colt family, descendants to the town's founding mother. He had a elder sister named Margaret Colt who he affectionally called Margy. During his early child, he began to wonder about magic and wish to become a mage to the town's local guild, Misericordia. Of course Margaret supported him in this endeavour, so when she was told about how he gotten interested in Guns Magic went to Henry Leavitt Ellsworth and spoke about Guns Magic, Henry said he'll take the young Samuel in and teach him everything he knows.

Through the years since then, Samuel trained hard in Guns Magic and using firearms as a whole by-then Misericordia's guild master and was made an official mage to to the guild. He joined when he was only 14 years old but was proven as one of their best youngsters due to his natural coordination with his firearms and his Guns magic. For his first official mission, he was assigned another to help him, with Henry choosing Mary Jane Kelly to assist him in the quest and the two left for it.

However during his early time as an mage, Samuel was captured and became a slave to the Tower of Heaven having been taken when he was only 16 during his younger years as an mage of Misericordia and was forced into slave labour to build the Tower of Heaven. Despite this he was one of the few the Cult of Zeref considered a liable vessel in the revival of Zeref at the time. As a slave he had also made close connections to those in the tower, including none other then Erza Scarlet and Jellal and even Shô who he risked his life save from the cultist and punished severely. However he soon escaped during the revolt and made to the coastal city within the Kingdom of Caelum. He ventured through Caelum as an mercenary in order to gain currency and as he returned back to Fiore. However by chance of luck an legendary Fairy Tail mage, Lionheart found and was able to escort him back to his home town of Alstroemeria and reunited with the Colt family and his guild.

Misericordia-Illuminati War

Samuel returned from a job that took longer then expected, but as soon he arrived to his hometown, one of the Misericordia mages used Teleportation Magic to appear, and took him to Alstroemeria's Strategy Command Post which is located of the Interior Combat Zone, close to the frontlines of the war. From there, an senior officer of Alstroemerian Guard informed on the situation, officially a Guild War between Misericordia and the identified Dark Guild called the Illuminati.

Finding the Trail

Samuel found an clue.jpg

Samuel Colt returned to the barren outskirts of the Alchemilla County as he heard whispers of an female woman in white dress being sighted there, to which fits the description of the Sin of Death, am female that assaulted Alstroemeria and murdered those he cared for, including the one he loved deeply for. In the outskirts, he stealthy bypassed Fiore's Rune Knights who had sensed sealed the county due to what's inside, being dangerous, undead and other beasts from within from leaving into other parts of Fiore.

Bypassed them, Samuel was able to gain entry into Alchemilla's sewage system and thus into the now-destroyed and barren city of Alchemilla itself. Believing Sin may had entered the city, went to investigate on the rumours and opened an sewage hatch that leads into the main roads of the city. As he opened, he spotted lesser daedra still wandering around, pulling out the Dragoon Revolver and leaped from the sewage, firing his gun two times at two imps, killing them instantly.

The Seven Seas

Company Expansion

Becoming a Hunter

Soon enough the Magic Council walked up to him and offered a position as a Hunter and received newfound training and he accepted. As an Hunter, he now began to see a new meaning, he can protect everything as an Hunter and perused in this carer, however his true love lies in his engineering prowess and continued to make armaments and self-defence weapons with his company since then. Samuel was proven as an valuable asset to the Council's Hunters and rose to become one of their "top dogs". Due to his intellect and analytical capabilities along with his engineering prowess in magical development, understanding and technology development, he has been sent on many missions involving of unusual magical events and conditions. His company was later declared an official partnership with the Magic Council in order to produce much finer and reliable weapons for the Rune Knights. While Samuel explained his company manufactured weapons, he soon began involvement in other weaponry for the Rune Knights to use.

At some point, Samuel encountered Bluestinger and engaged him in a battle that almost cost him his life, but he was saved by a unnamed S-Class wizard jumping and had him escorted safely away from the dark mage where he was treated.

Oración Seis arc

After Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus finally taken out the Oración Seis, the group began to finally to rest until Samuel appeared with Lahar and the 4th Custody Enforcement Unit in order to apprehend members of the Oración Seis arc. When Lahar took in Hoteye. However he explained his true involvement was due to Jellal Fernandes and ordered him to come with them peacefully and had him cuffed. As he took Jella to the prison carriage, he witness of Fairy Tail's outbursts how this is not just on how his arrest, stopping Nirvana and his good deed is a justification of him not being arrest and Lahar ordered their arrest. Erza soon halted the fighting and apologise on their behalf. However Erza recognized Samuel from the time at the Tower of Heaven. He explained to Erza that one good deed does not instantly redeem of many crimes he has committed prior, then he went to Jura, the Wizard Saint. Hoteye just told him in order to atone he must accept the consequences of his actions, and told him Jellal is exactly the same position. Jellal must be arrested and atone for his crimes. He then said that this is harder on Erza then anyone here due to their past. Soon after he leaves with Lahar to apprehend the rest of the Oración Seis arc.

Edolas arc

Due to his analytical skills and his involvement in magical development and technology, the Magic Council sent Samuel to investigate the sudden disappearance of Magnolia. He considered an connection to Fairy Tail as the guild gotten itself involved in many events in the recent months, but he believes they would not go against the town to eradicate it.

However in less then a week, the town was returned shocking Samuel as he ran to town and began to quickly check on the townsfolk only come to surprised the fact no one seems to realize what happen. He soon visited the Fairy Tail guild where he saw Exceeds speaking to master Makarov, who noticed him walk in. Makarov knowing very well who Samuel began to explain what the Exceeds told him, from Edolas, Faust and the Anima. Samuel sighed in relief and asked if he requires assistance from himself but Mirajane told him they'll be fine. Before leaving Samuel asked on the whereabouts on Erza, however the Exceed answered and she's likely still in Edolas but should arriving along with Natsu, Lucy, Happy and even Gajeel. Understanding all is well, he returned to the council before giving his regard to Makarov and reported to the Council on this endeavour.

Tenrou Island arc

Samuel was summoned by the Chairman to work with Lahar and Doranbolt to infiltrate Fairy Tail prior to Doranbolt actually infiltrating the guild itself. Lahar informed him that as a Hunter and a master killer of dark mages, he is required to take on if things get rough, as he is shown the only capable of going toe-to-toe with Erza as the two walked through the Council's HQ corridors, though he rebuked Lahar's remark after hearing the stories of her and believes he's outclassed in this scenario.

Later Samuel is seen on one of the many ships lead by Lahar anchored nearby Tenrou Island, utilizing his Archive to communicate all captains and Lahar on each ship to effectively coordinate their efforts. However a surprise to him the ship was he on exploded with the rest destroyed by one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Azuma having noticed them prior his fight with Doranbolt.

While survived, Samuel was gravely wounded from the surprise attack and was treated by the Unit's medics as Lahar began to order his men to treat the wounded and told those who can move to prepare for a attack. However Samuel cut in, informing him that the destroyed was not done by Fairy Tail. Lahar questioned this and got the answer that Fairy Tail are not people that'll just blow up vessels willy-nilly and believes another faction could be here. As the two talked, Doranbolt appeared thanks to his Teleportation Magic and quickly told the two that one of the guilds of the Balem Alliance, Grimoire Heart is here along with Zeref shocking him and Lahar. Samuel asked Doranbolt to confirm and he did, causing to think a plan of action. Lahar told them that if the Chairman hears about how not only Grimoire Heart is here and even Zeref apparently, he would not hesitate to fire a Etherion. Before Samuel spoke up, Doranbolt protested but Lahar informed him that orders are orders and if they do perform it, there is nothing he can do to stop it. Lahar soon told Samuel to asked either himself or Doranbolt to inform the Council or else he'll do it.

At some point in time, they learnt Bluestinger is also on the island, shocking them. Samuel then explained Bluestringer's power involving Gravity Magic and it was a terrifying level of force. During a mission he encountered the dark mage and just his magic alone crippled him and almost killed him if it wasn't for an unnamed S-Class mage to stop it happen. Lahar then goes to inform command of the situation due to it becoming much worse, but Doranbolt stopped him and asked him for more time before teleporting away to the island once again with the lacrima crystal and stopping Lahar. When Lahar asked if Samuel can use Archive to communicate to the Council, he swiftly told him they're very out of range and can not.

After recovery enough to fully stand and began to use his Archive, a very shaken Doranbolt teleported on deck and Lahar went to ask what happened. According to Doranbolt, he saw Zeref himself and he believed he heard him say "Acnologia". The very name while didn't shook Samuel as he's not aware of the name despite being a hunter, Lahar was visible shaken in fear and asked Doranbolt to make sure he heard it right. When Doranbolt confirmed it multiple times, Lahar ordered a fast retreat, confusing Samuel as he asked who is Acnologia. Lahar and Doranbolt stared at him, shocked that he doesn't know and how explained it was a dragon from the Book of the Apocalypse, known to had single-handily destroyed entire nations. After hearing it, he did not protest to retreat and soon shipped away when the ships were repaired. Soon after they saw him, the black dragon Acnologia landing on the island and fighting the Fairy Tail mages then the next, saw the entire vanish by its mighty Roar, shocking Samuel to the core by the might of it.

Soon after the island was destroyed by Acnologia, Samuel lead an fleet of search parties alongside Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale in hopes to find them, using his Super Archive even to have a wider range to locate them, a magic he kept hidden from Lahar in order to not relay orders to the Council prior. However despite his efforts they weren't able to find them.

Wild Lands arc

Samuel Colt soon found himself doing his original duty, being an hunter and tracking an powerful threat known as an Skeleton Lord. According to research, these are considered the highest tier of undead known for their superior magical abilities in reanimation spells, necromancy and creations of undead. He must be careful in order to take it down, requiring specialized armaments from his personal storage, Silver Bullets known to have a magical potency to eliminate any and all undead.

Key of the Starry Sky arc

After Samuel was able to return back to Earth Land, he went to report to the Magic Council on his situation within the seven years of his disappearance and informed them on the undead Skeleton Lord threat. While the Chairman confirmed and understood the situation, he has another task for Samuel to undertake. In recent months major churches has been targeted and destroyed throughout Fiore and the Custody Enforcement Unit hasn't been able to locate nor apprehend the culprit behind the attacks. With the reputation of both the Enforcement Unit and the Council at stake, they hired him to assist with Lahar to investigate. Samuel having no choice but to agree, went to prepare himself as he met with Lahar to discuss their plan of action.

After much discussion, Samuel is seen at a church in a unknown town with Fiore knights in defense of the church. As he waited for an attack, he used Archive to survey the area and coordinate the knights. Soon after he walked inside the church and went underground to speak with the priest of the church, a female named Maria Izabela Wiłucka-Kowalska known for her soothing voice and harmonic tender to those she's with. Samuel informed her that she must leave the area as he fears that she's the true intended target, not the church itself. However Maria refused to wish to die in the church if her fate is sealed here, giving some shock to Samuel on her convictions to stay. However he soon heard criers of his knights as he turned to see a Cobra, shocking Samuel as last him he saw him he got arrested. Soon after Maria cried out as he Samuel turned to face her with Angel having killed her with an unique dagger. Cobra commented on this is his lucky day to encounter the hunter Samuel and Angel soon compliment him by saying he's the most handsome knight around here and that is worth 10 angel coins, a cost of 100 to summon forth Raguel. Cobra then went to strike against Samuel as he turned to block but soon struck by Raguel's Sound Magic that almost made him go deaf as Cobra used his Poison Dragon Slayer Magic roar to send him outside the Church. Angel then noted 40 coins for the attractive men of the knights as they began to charge into the church and summoned the Hammer Angel and both she and Cobra engulfed the church in flames and defeated the knights. As the two finished their, Samuel appeared behind Angel as he used his Hunter Skills to strike against her leg then her head which prompted her to be sent flying to a brick pillar. As Angel stood up, Cobra said they're work is done here and must find the "last disciple". Samuel then called out what they mean but Cobra told him to shut mouth and told Angel that she must be found, attacking at random is not a viable strategy. Before Samuel attacked, the angel assault did more harm as he fell to one knee. Angel then said a handsome man shouldn't have such dirt on his body before she and Cobra left, leaving Samuel with the ruined Church.

Samuel is later soon communicating with with Lahar with a lacrima crystal where Lahar was with Doranbolt. Samuel told the two that the attacks is directed not at the church but priests and they referred someone as the "last disciple". Lahar commented that he suspected the church wasn't the main goal as the priests there always died. Lahar soon told Samuel and he and Mest, the name Doranbolt wants to go as is going to a countryside to a church to ask questions. Samuel confirmed and said he'll continue to investigate further as they do that.

After recovery from his two-vs-one fight against Angel and Cobra, he went to use his Archive to find out any other possible churches that'll be hit next. He was able to arrive to an church that has yet to be attacked and asked the Fiore knights on the conditions of the priest. He was told they're relocating him to another location for his safety and Samuel went to go with him as to provide greater defense from anyone who'll attack her. As he moves with her, he introduces to her and will do everything in his power to keep her safe. However one of the knights shouted an enemy spotted, Cobra of the Reborn Oración Seis. Samuel declared to Cobra that he wont even go near the Celestial Wizard as he loads as weapon and aimed at him. Cobra however seem pleased to finally meet the esteemed Samuel Colt, The Merchant of Death known for creating powerful armaments, including some he considered quite horrifying in concept. However despite Samuel's and the knights efforts, Cobra was able to take them. However Samuel while battered stood in front of the Celestial Wizard, ditching his firearms for unarmed combat fully aware of his Hearing Magic. He was able to clear his mind and got hits on Cobra but in the end, he was taken down due to prior engagements weakened him considerably and failed to save the Celestial Wizard as the Anti-Link did its job and the curse taking hold. Cobra seen left, leaving the injured Samuel as Erza, Max and Evergreen appeared to see the carnage. Erza quickly went to Samuel side and asked what happened, informed her that Cobra got the Celestial Wizard and he failed to protect her.

After his confrontation to Cobra, Erza decided to take Samuel back with her to Fairy Tail's second guild to go under medical treatment after fighting Cobra and told him to stay here as he's too injured to continue. However Samuel began to protest, remembering his time in the Tower of Heaven and his powerlessness failed to stop not only the cult itself but Jelall, but Ezra told him that regardless, he was too beaten to continue fighting. In order to stop Samuel knowing how Council enforcers such as Hunters operate, Mirajane casted Sleep Magic on him and forced him to sleep.

Samuel awakened during the final hour of the Infinity Clock being activated and went down stairs to offer assistance. While he is still too injured he can provide help in saving lucy.

After the Infinity Clock was deactivated, Samuel is seen celebrating with the Fairy Tail guild and the Legion Corps as he spoke with the guild's 4th guild master, Merlinus Ambrosius on the topics of future of the guild. Merlin told him they'll be fine and Samuel remembered the guild being one of a kind. After Legion Corps left he decided to depart as well and bid farewell to the guild. However before he left, Erza asked him about Jellal, however he seen told them he was sent to Edolas and stuck for seven whole years before finally returning. While this shocked them Lucy soon asked how was the Edolas Fairy Tail and Samuel smiled, showing their guild mark on his right shoulder, stating his an permanent member.

Samuel is later with Doranbolt and Lahar as they spoke with Org concerning the Interguild Dispute Interdiction Treaty revision, however Org noted that is not Lahar's reasons to his visit, as he suspects he's wish to know on chief members of the Fairy Tail guild. Samuel believes the chairman's choice to make blame on the guild and not Zentopia as an selfish act, but he did not spoke on his opinion as he's just a hunter.

Soon after, the chairman soon had Samuel summoned as he discussed the Grand Magic Games and the possibility of Fairy Tail joining due to their core members returning. the chairman soon asked Samuel to go to the capital city of Crocus and keep a eye on the Fairy Tail guild if they do participate and to stop anything that'll cause issues. While he believes the paranoia of the chairman is out of line, Samuel obeyed and began his travel to Crocus in preparations of the Grand Magic Games.

Grand Magic Games arc

Samuel arrived to Crocus sometime prior to the beginnings of the Grand Magic Games in order to keep a eye on Team Fairy Tail. However as he traversed, he used his Archive to keep track on Fairy Tail's guild members. When he used Archive during the Preliminaries, he noticed both Wendy's and Carla positions is at the castle courtyard, quite confused as according to his knowledge she was part of the magic team. He went to investigate on Wendy and when he arrived, found both Wendy and Carla on the ground unconscious and went to quickly investigate on their overall health with his Archive. When he checked on their magic, he used Archive to contact Warren and explained the fact he found Wendy and Carla in the courtyard. Warren said that both Happy and Lisanna are in the courtyard, so Samuel provided them his coordinates to retrieve their guild members.

When both Happy and Lisanna arrived, the two found Samuel tending to Happy and Carla. He helped them take them both medical wing and the next was present when the Fairy Tail guild was told on the conditions between the two. Erza soon asked Samuel if he knows the perpetrator but he doesn't know, however he vowed to look into the matter and keep a eye on any suspicious individuals and when he does, shall contact her. Soon after Porlyusica appeared and informed them that they gotten Magic Deficiency Disease as Wendy explained an unusual creature attacked. Samuel vowed to the guild he'll locate and apprehend the culprit, believing it to be an mage of one of the guilds to hinder the guild in the games. Erza thanked him and asked if he found anything to tell her, and he well. He also said that he'll keep a eye on Wendy and Carla with his Archive, believing that she might be attacked again regardless of her condition.

Samuel was present as the announcer proclaimed the eight teams that past the preliminaries. However when Raven Tail made its appearance, he got confused on their appearance as an dark guild. As the announcers read on their file and explained on how they became a legitimatized guild, he got suspicious on that and how they got it. Samuel soon put the two together that they were the likely perpetrators on Wendy and Carla due to their relationships between Fairy Tail and Raven Tail.

Samuel watched as the Hidden round of the games was going but only thought upon the efforts of the mages inside. As soon the Hidden round ended for the combat round between Corona and Lucy, he raised his guard as he watches the battle closely. He believes Raven Tail might be planning something due to their act on Wendy and Carla. He seen perked upon Lucy attempting to shout to her friends before Corona's hair silenced her, making him think there is something else in play. As the battle unfold he studied Corona before it finally hit him, noticing one of her hair trails hadn't move since and her with it and looked towards the stand, using his weapon's scope to see Corona's hair near Asuka. Using his telepathy's Archive and communicate with Natsu on the situation, who was able to make it in time remove Corona's hair away from Asuka and allowing Lucy to finally battle.

However Samuel then had an angered look in his eyes upon Lucy's defeat, easily sensing an third-party got involved and nullified the Urano Metria spell she was casting. After Lucy got sent to the medical room, he went to talk to the guild master Makarov while Mavis was present without knowledge due to not having the Fairy Tail brand and wish to work more closely with the guild to protect members from any outside harm. Makarov agreed with Mavis and assigned Bisca with him to scout out and keep a much closer eye on Raven Tail. He also went to tell them he was assigned by the chairman to report any activity done by the guild in order to attempt to disband them, but he wish not to do so as he enjoys the guild's ever timing presence. While Makarov suspected at that, he was pleased to see Samuel being supportive to the guild and began to think he could become a member due to his dedication. However Makarov told him to not act against Raven Tail until they brought themselves to the public on purpose, which Makarov believed they will mess up at some point.

In the same day, Samuel was simply overseeing the entire arena until his Archive opt in and identified Wendy and Carla once again moving but it was shown they weren't awakened and prompted him into action. He soon landed in front of three armoured figures carrying not only Wendy and Carla but the guild's medical advisor Porlyusica. The four were flabbergasted on how they got caught as one of them pulled out two magical revolvers and acted cocky in front of them. Before they all reacted, Samuel swifted in and used his unarmed martial arts to knock them all one by one as he safely got the three. Soon after Natsu ran towards him, having caught their scent prior. Natsu thanked him on saving the three as Samuel raised his hand to not worry. Soon after Samuel had three kidnappers tried and escorted as he used his Archive to contact Natsu's guild members on the situation and told him to be careful as he left with the kidnappers. He took them to the Fiore army and stayed with in order to obtain information, obtaining the fact Raven Tail hired them. As he was leaving, he was suspicious on the royal guard as he noticed the actions of Raven Tail doesn't seemed to been punished in anyway.

Later that night Samuel was contacted by Erza and Mystogan to discuss matters and had him involved with concerning of strange magic power. Samuel asked the two why get him involved, and Mystogan, who was actually Jellal Fernandes commented on his efforts from the time of Edolas and the Infinity Clock incidents and found him a useful ally when it comes to internal affairs of Crocus as an Council Hunter. He understood and gladly accept to help. He was told on Zeref and the presence of his magic, which prompted deep thinking. When Jellal mentioned that he should've sensed in the years, Erza quickly explained Samuel wouldn't had due to him being sent to Edolas prior to the Grand Magic Games creation and only arrived sometime before they were released from Fairy Sphere.

In the third day, Bisca contacted Samuel to assist her in keeping a eye on Raven Tail as Laxus' match against Alexie was about to begin. He obliged to the request and is seen above the arena across from Bisca's position as he kept on eye on Alexie, kept in contact with Warren's telepathy. He informed that Alexie is not performing any magic throughout the fight and soon enough soon tell them there is no worry. However eventually the truth was revealed as the real Laxus emerged as Alexie hit the arena's wall, along with the other members of the Raven Tail guild. Shocking him, he quickly leaped down to the arena as the match was called and Raven Tail's master being Alexie all along, disqualifying them as the members participated illegally as well. Samuel walked besides Laxus and towards Ivan and arrested him. Assisted by the fiore knights, before he could be taken away Ivan spoke to his son on the Lumen Histoire but he told Ivan to shut as he was taken away.

Soon after arresting them and taking them to the fiore knight's HQ, Samuel is later seen speaking with Makarov on the situation with Ivan, telling them due to their actions the guild was disbanded when he reported it back to the Council.

Sometime during the battle between Wendy and Sherria, Samuel was seen walking around the arena halls with people crowded in the way, using his Archive to sense the magic presence of "Zeref" within the grand magic games. Soon enough it began to move towards the exit as he began to rush to its location. However he noticed Mystogan being confronted by Doranbolt and decided to quickly sort that out, since having Jellal reveal himself will ruin the plan they laid out, with Lahar soon arriving with a small squad of rune knights, now in a dire situation. Doranbolt soon removed his mask, revealing to be Jellal and before the rune knight acted, Samuel appeared to stop their advances. Lahar questions Samuel and the hunter explained this is why he ways the mask, due to being a look a like. Soon after Yajima appeared and explained on Edolas and that Mystogan is from that, counterpart existing. Due to Samuel and Yajima, the situation died down as they leave. Samuel asked if he felt it and Mystogan said yes but now they lost it due to that confrontation.

Having been working nonstop since arriving at Crocus, Samuel decided to take the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games off and simply enjoy watching the games itself, having arrived soon after Pandemonium ended with Cana using Fairy Glitter on the MPF. He's watching preparations of the Naval Battle against the female challengers and the sole male named Rocker, which he thought was ironic at this situation, though was feeling bad for the guy as he was ignored in favour of the women. As he watched the Naval Battle unfold, he got curious with Minerva's magic as a member of Sabertooth, the current strongest guild in Fiore. As he watched, he was shocked to see Mary Jane Kelly as she sat next to him before giving him a bear hug, pleased to see him once again. He asked how she's been and Mary told him that she's a guild master of the Highrise, which surprised him to see his childhood friend in such a position. The two continued to watch the Naval Battle, Mary Jane commented Lucy should be winning due to her Aquarius but was shocked to see the mermaid Celestial Spirit ditch Lucy, making her angered at such a lousy spirit.

As he watched, Samuel saw one by time as the mages leave the Naval Battle until it was only Lucy and Minvera and a growing concern grows inside him, sensed by Mary Jane, who seemed confused on his concern. When Minerva casted her magic Territory on Lucy, he stood in great concern, causing Mary Jane to look at him worriedly as Minvera looks like she was playing with the Lucy. He paid a close attention to the timer that manifested upon Minvera and Lucy being last remaining combatants and vowed to step in if he believes the fight is going out of control. As soon the timer went out, Minvera relentlessly attacked Lucy with Territory and brutally physically harmed the Celestial Wizard, causing Smauel to stared in rage. Mary Jane growing fearfully at Samuel as she sensed an raging anger inside him she never felt before. Arcadios soon declared to stop the match in fear of the Celestial Wizard being killed and the judges halt the match. Minvera soon held Lucy by the head outside of the water sphere before letting go. As soon Minerva let go, Samuel used his Hunter Skill Vanish to and disappeared from the stands and in the air and grabbed Lucy mid air, shocking Natsu and Gray and the onlookers as he landed on the ground. Soon after Wendy and Sherria appeared to use their healing powers on Lucy. Erza soon came along with Juvia in worry. Samuel stood as Minvera landed back on the ground near them as Erza stared in contempt. Minvera soon told them that she complied with the rules and Erza remarked with decency and she arrogantly told them Lucy would've failed without. As both Sabertooth competitors and those of Fairy Tail A began to look like a fight and chanting to arouse from the audience, Samuel stepped between the two. He looked at Fairy Tail before turning his body to Sabertooth, he told the two parties to stand down or else consequences shall arise. Before Sting said anything, Minvera quickly told him not too as she's aware on Samuel abilities, and told her Dragon Slayer he wouldn't be able to take him on a one on one battle. Erza agreed with Samuel but she also warned Sabertooth Minvera that her act on Lucy is a declaration of war on her guild and she will regret before leaving with her team to quickly Lucy for medical treatment along with Sabertooth.

After the Naval Battle, Samuel returned back to the stands with Mary Jane as onlookers stared in awe and wonder as he tiredly sat back next to Mary Jane as she asked what he just done. He explained that, as Hunters, have a particular set of skills only told by mouth alone that only they are allowed to lean. What he used was called Vanish, a skill almost akin to Teleportation Magic or even the more dangerous Speed Magic that involves accelerated speeds. However he told Mary Jane that he's hasn't had enough training to use it effectively and using it once can drain all of his physical strength and stamina. Mary Jane soon said this is his day off and should rest for the entire day and let the organizers to deal with it, and allow the combatant's friends to sort it out. Samuel simply nodded, not saying as he was too tired to speak due to Vanish and simply watched the Tag Battles that came after.

After the events of the fourth day finished, Mary Jane soon forced Samuel to come with to the popular leisure center in Crocus, a massive pool park with slides and other fun swimming activities. As Mary Jane put on her own swimsuit for the park, she was shocked to see Samuel wearing his usual outfit. She asked him he's not serious in swimming in that but he responded that he wont be swimming at all, he's here because she forced him. Not taking no for a answer, Mary Jane soon called out to two big guys from her guild to grab him and take him to the men's changing room where he was forced into swim pants and was pushed out. Mary Jane was flabbergasted to see Samuel's physical physique, being a well toned man with even muscular definition due to his time in the Wild Lands. Mary turned as to hide her red face as Samuel asked if she's alright. She answered that she is and told him to not be so formal as she grabbed his hand and took him to the many things within the pool park.

Later on that night after the pool park, Samuel was invited by Mary Jane to stay with her guild at a inn, however he was contacted by Erza to met her at the Bar Sun to discuss on a internal matter. Upon arrival he was informed on Lucy's arrest by the Royal Army in the palace and asked if he, as hunter hold authority to have her release. Samuel answered that as a hunter he does since it's a Magic Council position, however he did explain he was a Thegn, a noble title that grant special powers equal to that of a prince or princess and can use that to get a audience with the king in the coming morning. Soon after he finished, Makarov informed the guild that Lucy should be considered a hostage until Samuel can rectify the situation, however he briefly use his Titan magic to enlarge his fist to slam on Natsu, who was tied up. Samuel respectfully bid them the night as he went to the inn Mary Jane and her guild are staying at.

The fifth day of the Grand Magic Games begins and Samuel kept to his word to speak with the king on Fairy Tail's behalf, however he was not expecting to meet with the king's daughter, Hisui E. Fiore was there instead and called him as an unjust criminal assisting thieves. Shocking Samuel as he questions the audacity of this proclamation and accusation against him but the princess silenced him as he not only stripped him as an Fiore Thegn but apparently she had contacted the Council even remove him as a Hunter. Before he could even question the princess, a dark void appeared where he stood as fell into the darkened pit below as it shut.

Having landed in an cave system, Samuel wandered about in a attempt to find his way out where he shouting and fighting, he distinctively that shout was from the Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu and rushed towards that direction, eventually coming up towards the Garou Knights fighting Mirajane, Pantherlily, Natsu and Wendy that taken inside a plant. Having lost his weapons due to the fall, he went in as Cosmos from behind and used his palm to strike against her back, surprising her and Cosmos as he attempted to break open the carnivorous plant with his own physical strength as he called out Wendy. As Cosmos mocked Samuel on his efforts, she was taken aback when his he made a fish and slam onto the plant, it went though as he pulled Wendy out and leaping away from it as he held her. Wendy cough as she came too, thanking Samuel for the rescue as he placed her down and was willing to fight alongside her and her friends against the Garou Knights. Yukino soon called out to Samuel and told him to stay with her and Lucy, due to knowing his profile as a sole firearm specialist, while she is fully aware on his hand to hand combat. He disagrees and goes to challenge Kama, the leader of the Garou Knights, who mocked on his sins. Soon after Mirajane used Satan Soul Sitri as Wendy and Natsu prepared to engage. As they began to fight, vines appeared to grab Lucy and Yukino only to be stopped by Pantherlily. Now focused on Kama, Samuel quickly engaged in close-quarters combat as he attempted to disarm him as Kama use one of his Scythes at him, detailing how his not a worthy criminal to face both at once but was shock to see Samuel real back as he held his ground and lifting his leg to kick him into the chin before spinning around to kick him to the side. Kama noted he underestimated the Hunter's acrobatic form wont do so again. However before Samuel reengaged, purple paper stuck to him, paralyzed by Kamika as the others are. Soon after a massive plant emerged from Cosmos as the plant began to suck them in, Mirajane soon called out to Wendy who use a Sky Dragon Slayer spell that counteracted Violet Dance and allowing them all to move once again. Now free, Lucy asked on what to do nest before being devoured by plant, Samuel soon called to Natsu to use his Fire Magic on the plant's throat to destroy it. Natsu performed a Dragon's Roar that soon caused a massive explosion, sending him and others to other places of the underground prison.

Samuel soon awakened and found parts of his upper torso wounded with his clothing ruined, which annoyed him before he torn the entire right sleeve off, with some right shoulder part of the shirt being torn, revealing his right chest. He soon found Lucy on top of Yukino next to Arcadios and went to quickly check their conditions and helping them up. As Lucy and Yukino told their fine and went to help Arcadios, he went to check on both Happy and Carla, even lifting the rock on Happy to check his lower body and was fine just bruised from the rock debris. As Yukino questioned how far they fallen and Happy speaking on the creepiness of the place, Samuel told them they were separated from Natsu's attack and blames him for this. However Lucy soon told him it wasn't his fault it ended as this as anything could happen regardless. He thanked Lucy for the words of comfort as the group began to figure out where and how to reunite with the others. Yukino then said without their gate keys, they wont be able to properly defend themselvs, but Samuel soon told her that he's a able fighter and will defend all of them with his life if they encounter anyone of the Garou Knights. However Carla using Aera told him to not be so reckless, as she can clearly see he's also hurt by the condition of his right side and noticed his lower forearm is actually broken. As Happy began to rally and tell them to move on finding the others, he suddenly began to float and Carla told him to cut it out. However Lucy noticed it's not even his doing since his Aera is not there and Uosuke sitting on top of one of the statue heads who called out he caught a fish, with Happy replying he's not a fish. As the two seem to argue on what fish is, Samuel went on to attack Uosuke and calling his idol chatter as a annoyance as Lucy and Yukino quickly cried for him to stop. Arcadios soon awakened to told Yukino to stop Samuel before it's too late. However it was Samuel later seen sent flying into the ceiling at incredible speeds, on his right arm, breaking it further as he fell to the ground in agony and blood came from his mouth. As Yukino went to support him and take him next to Arcadio, Lucy seemed prepared to fight regardless of her Gate Keys as Samuel passed out due to the intense pain.

Samuel soon awakened once again to find himself being held on by Arcadios and surrounded by lava, and noticed Yukino and Lucy hanging on above the lava. However he soon felt Arcadios hand off him as he delved into shocking, sacrificing himself to save the girls. He was mortified at the pure dedication and willpower of Arcadios to walk through molten lava to save the girls. As he does save him, Arcadios sank below the lava as he believed the world last a truly remarkable man, but the Celestial Spirit Horologium called as he appeared, with Arcadios inside him, saved and protected. As Horologium makes a pun on the situation, Loke or Leo also appeared with the gate keys of both spirits and returned them to their owners as he prepared to engage in combat. Lucy soon asked Leo to get Samuel to them so they'll be together, and he obliged as he leaped to his position before greeting him. Leo grabbed him and took him to Yukino to be cared for. Samuel soon saw the fight the against Lucy and the spirits as he he was soon placed inside a hole made by Virgo that was summoned prior. He also decided to not fight as the many spirits and territory changes is not to likening and seeing Aquarius rage, he decided to not fight. Carla called him smart as it's dumb to get in the way of Aquarius in a foul mood. By efforts of the Lucy and her spirits, the knight Uosuke defeated. Soon after the fight, everyone else soon emerged as Wendy, Natsu, Pantherlily and Mirajane defeated the other members, shocking Samuel on the actual might and hope to someday reach to that level. Of course Yukino offered encouragement as she was aware on his efforts during the Infinity Clock incident. He then saw Natsu questiong Kama on the exit, who promptly told him where.

As he walked to the Abyss Palace, he asked Arcadios on his miraculous survival in lava, which Yukino also wished to know and Leo informed them on the Jade Amulet being the cause and many being impressed by such a feat, with Carla inquiry if Horologium may also helped with his survival. Lucy responded on how the Celestial Spirit has always been known to jump before anything happened, Pantherlily calling him a noble warrior. However Wendy mentioned the word "Jade" and Samuel asked on the meaning of that specific word. Lucy then explained to him how Wendy casted a spell to reawakened a dragon spirit who called himself the Jade Dragon Zirconis, shocking him that Wendy has such a spell in her arsenal. When Yukino found it off that the princess's name, Hisui can be translated to "Jade" as well. Carls then stated that talking to her to get answers and halting the Eclipse is the viable option right now and decide if it's right or wrong. As they chattered on how deep the Abyss Palace is, Natsu began to smell something and Wendy felt air, even Samuel began to sense an exit of some sort. As they got closer the exit, Lucy questioned on how every of the knights named themselves but not their leader, and Pantherlily soon after shouted of a door. However Samuel raised his left hand to halt the group, where Natsu argued what is wrong. Samuel suspected a trap and he shall go in first, but before Yukino protested due to his injury he sprinted forward to the gate stood in front of it. As the rest walked down, Natsu soon told him to move as he prepared to punch the door down until the door itself opened to reveal a hooded figure in front of Samuel, being perplexed as the others as the hooded figure. The figure revealed herself to be Lucy Heartfilla after removing her hood and shocking the group. This Lucy explained she's from a future and a calamity is is nearing but she fainted and collapsed as she give out the warning, caught by Samuel's working left arm. Lucy stood there in shock before as they began to take her and the knocked-out Arcadios out of the Abyss Palace and into the castle, finally out of the underground prison.

As Loke carried Arcadios and Samuel carrying the future Lucy from the Abyss Palance, Loke noted that Arcadios wont last much longer without medical aid. Wendy also told them wind is occurring all directions and made it hard to find a exit to the outside. As Carla complained on not being able to use Warren's telepathy, Samuel suggested using his Archive and he attempted top use its telepathy to make contact. He was able to deduce there's a barrier surrounding them and making it unable to properly form a connection, much to Carla's annoyance. As Yukino apologised of not knowing the layout, they continued to move to find a exit to the outside.

At some point, they found a dining room where Samuel set future Lucy next to Arcadios and began to talk to the group on their situation. While they began to talk on where to go next, Natsu commented on taking out the Fiore knights and Carla disagreeing due to the wounded. Samuel also told Natsu that the royal army are vastly different the regular soldier, having much more combat experience and considered the best among the Fiore army knights, not to be taken lightly, however Natsu stilll believes on taking them out to meet with the princess. Mirajane also noted them that Fairy Tail is still competing and they could be disqualified for taking out the royal army. Soon after future Lucy awakened and explained her entire situation after leaving the Abyss Palace and how she was captured. Samuel asked future Lucy on the Eclipse Gate, and Future Lucy explained the gate is the main reason they failed to escape since it took their magic power. Wendy then asked why came to the past and she began to tremble, Samuel feared the end result if Time Magic was involved to fix the future. Lucy explained how over 10,000 dragons emerged from the Eclipse Gate, the castle destroyed and the entire world as they know it, was brought into calamity and humanity faced extinction.

Samuel then stayed silent as he watches the conversation between the groups before he saw Carla eyes widen in realization, he asked Carla what is the matter before Carla went to ask future Lucy a question on the conditions of themselves in the future. Future Lucy hesitated to answer Carla's question, confirming a suspicion she had on her Vision. Lucy explained how she used the Eclipse Gate to use Time Magic and go the past to save the future. Future Lucy soon explained on Jellal involvement and told the group to meet him at a underground passage and to not be spotted by the cameras. However Samuel said that he wont come, and Natsu questioned this. He told Natsu he is wounded, his lower right arm is broken and will be a hindrance, he'll return back to the guild to inform them on the situation. He decided to leave now, splitting in hopes to quickly return and inform Makarov, and before he left Natsu as well as Lucy and Yukino thanked him for his efforts and he simply waved as he left the group.

Betrayal arc

After the Eclipse Gate was destroyed, the dragons returned back to their own time as he discussed the details with Makarov, Samuel would be present at the party held by the king as he was seen talking with the princess Hisui E. Fiore and thanked him for staying by her side along with Arcadios during the dragon attack, which as the Thegn of Fiore it is his duty to protect her and the king.

Samuel departed from the princess where he is joined by the long-time friend Mary Jane Kelly who both shared drinks of relief and victory over the dragons, despite the fact only Natsu has shown to give any visible damage to the dragon in the sky. Mary asked him on his unique firearm, the Dragoon Revolver which he explained as he showed it to her to fire Slayer-infused ammunition. Mary had a perplexed expression as he explained the four Slayer categories; Dragon, God, Devil and Phoenix and has been able to infuse at least 10 rounds with each of the four, though God, Devil and Phoenix he explained it to be the rarest in comparison to Dragon. As they drank, they heard the call of the king and with a look of complete shock, Natsu Dragneel appears wearing the crown of the king as everyone else looked on in shock. He'd them proceed to shout at Natsu as he then proceeded to have him arrest and the entire party fell down into chaos.

Soon after the party where the king "pardoned" Natsu, Samuel bid his farewell to Mary Jane as he wish to depart now in order to do some things for his company. He is then joined by his personal carriage as he hoped inside and rode with two other individuals from the company, who handed him what appears to be a rectangle device with a screen showing stock values and intake. The man happily reports the foresight he had prior to his disappearance helped the company survive during his seven-year disappearance to Edolas and the knowledge he has returned with helped the overall performance of the company.

Magic & Abilities

Guns Magic (銃弾魔法(ガンズ・マジック) Ganzu Majikku): Samuel's signature magic that revolves around the use of magical firearms to projectile magic bullets at any given target. However he doesn't use "physical projectiles" but fires a pure concentration of magic power shaped in a bullet from his assortment of weapons. His personal weapons are created to being to use both magic and a physical projectile for convivence sake. He holds a assortment of self-created spells, as well as support-type spells which made him to become a well known gunner in the magical world.

  • Arcane Bullet (難解な弾丸 Nankaina Dangan): A elementaless spell that fires an projectile of pure and rare magic energy that performs similar to a actual bullet. Upon hitting its intended target, the purpose is cause magical damage more then physical harm, depleting or harming the target's internal magic energy, however it can cause physical harm like any magic can, but it was be as significant.
  • Paralyze Shot (麻痺ショット Mahi Shotto): An spell that combines with Lightning-based magic bullet that instantly paralyzes anyone that got struck.

Archive (古文書(アーカイブ) Ākaibu): In order to document his business and to keep track of all goods and items, he as learnt Archive in order to perform his duty as CEO more effectively. With Archive he can upload and download data to and from other employees, as well telepathically communicate to them. He can use Archive to make regional maps and pinpoint key locations in the local area.

  • Overload (オーバーロード Ōbārōdo): Alternatively called, Force Blast, it allows user can manifest their Archive in a form of magical screens and forcefully explode them in front of their target causing similar damage of a blast. It holds enough power to send small creatures into the air.
  • Protect (プロテクト Purotekuto): The user creates a shield from screens of Archive Magic. The limit of the shield's blocking capability is unknown, although it is at least powerful enough to deflect Sagittarius' arrows.
  • Information TransferThe user transfers information into another person's mind. This is particularly useful in reconnaissance missions, since the user can send information regarding miscellaneous data (such as the nearby surroundings, for instance) to their comrades, which they can perceive on a mental level as loading bars in buffering progress occurring within their mind that represents the images and symbols being downloaded into them in real life; with this, they can help their allies navigate around places by transferring "maps" into their heads. The data that the user can transfer also includes the knowledge on how to perform powerful spells and Enchantments such as Urano Metria.
  • Telepathy (念話 Terepashī): Samuel is capable of using Telepathy through the use of Archive, allowing him to connect to the minds of others and communicate at long distances.

Super Archive (超古文書(スーパーアーカイブ) Sūpā Ākaibu): Samuel employed Super Archive as an means to communicate and coordinate his business efforts on a larger scale besides using Archive. Super Archive is solely used for tracking packages across the kingdom and to assist his employees with navigational positioning. At his HQ the Super Archives is utilized by an number of employees and assisting using maps to help bring their packages to their designated destinations. He can use it independently from his HQ and can utilize it wherever he is, however due the demands of such magic it drains his magic energy faster then any other in his magical arsenal and so only uses it on special occasions.

Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法 Tentai Mahō): While forced by the Colt family to learn and utilize it, Samuel is capable of Heavenly Body Magic which utilizes the astronomical objects. While Samuel rarely used it due to his hatred for it stemming from his grandfather forcing it upon him, he as shown when he does to have good control and skill in its usage. In certain moments of combat, he uses it as an last resort to escape certain defeat or even death and to bring an strike using it before depowering the magic to use Guns Magic or an sword. According to Mary Jane Kelly, he only utilized Meteor as that's all he was able to learn before his grandfather's death, and his father being killed when he was only five years old, but he was explained he knows more spells for this magic then what Mary currently knows. In the present course however, he downright refuses to use it due to it bringing painful memories of his father as well the fall of Misericordia.

  • Meteor流星(ミーティア) (Mītia): Samuel utilized meteor at an unknown time period increasing his spee drastically to evade incoming attacks. The nature of his spell in this scenario is not known as he never used the magic since an encounter long ago.
  • Jiu Leixing (九雷星(キュウライシン) Kyūraishin): Samuel utilized this spell at a unknown time, producing nine swords made from lightning to be used against an attacking force. He explained they act like any other bladed weapon just being slightly more effective then its physical counterparts. When he used it and against whom is not known and had yet since to use it.
  • Scutum (スクータム Sukūtamu): Scutum is an spell Samuel used at a unknown time period, manifesting body armour empowered by the heavenly stars for defense.
  • Orion (オリオン座 Orionzu): Is an spell that seems to increase the mental conditions of Samuel, utilizing the stars to fortify his mental resolution and gain more confidence in the heat of battle, being a supplementary spell.
  • Apus (アプス Apusu): Apus is a advanced teleportation spell that allows Samuel to teleport himself or others to a desired location.

Samuel during the battle of Alstroemeria alongside Henry Leavitt Ellsworth.

Master Firearm Specialist: Samuel Colt is an revered spellcaster with superior skill in the use of firearms weapons design to fire projectiles called "bullets" from an gun, an object. Colt is considered one of the greatest firearm specislists of the age, who being an inventor himself pioneered the concept and expand upon it and made his company the Colt Manufactorum. During his time, he has shown profound accuracy with any firearm, an deep understanding behind the mechanics of these weapons. His mastery goes to the point he's capable of wielding multiple weapons, independent from each other and can accurate pinpoint hostiles from far away. During the battle of Alstroemeria, he shown to been highly dexterous where he fired two weapons; one in front and one behind his back all the while making sure not to hit his friend or anyone else.

Master Swordsmanship Specialists: When the need arises, Samuel has proven to hold considerable skill and ability in wielding a sword, enabling him to fight on par with Gray Fullbuster. However he was once not so great, being just average to an common soldier, and even weaker towards both his mentoirs. It was only after years of training would he take out multiple targets at once and even deflecting projectiles. However he explained when compared to Erza, he's nothing in comparison and wish to not use a sword if he doesn't have to. Upon his arrival to Edolas' Wild Lands, he notice his skill at the time was just barely keeping him alive from the Wild Lands' various creatures that are more hardened on physical brute force then magical like in Earth Land. Thanks to the efforts from the Chief Swordmaster Kuarian Viridis, he trained his physical body to be one with the sword and gained newfound techniques, enabling him of precision slashes at a target's weak spots in the body, and acquiring the capabilities to swiftly strike at the enemy. He can even utilize an second blade in an form of Jar'Kai and was able to even twirl one of the blades to deflect an attack from his back, blocking it.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: As an Hunter, Samuel holds firm understanding grasp in unarmed combat and utilizing his physical attributes to enhanced his techniques. However he explains this is not his forte despite the fact his current level allows him to tackle and apprehend high-level monsters and mages.

Enhanced Athleticism: As an Hunter who trained through many years to hon is physical abilities, Samuel demonstrated profound physical body of heightened agility and a athletic body, being able to scale walls and evade incoming assaults. Having trained to be flexible as possible, he can perform various acrobatic feats to gain the advantage, including utilizing in his firearm techniques whenever the opportunity presents itself. While primarily a hunter mechanic, he possess the same attributes as a huntsman and often shown taking on high-tier targets. No matter the conditions of the foundation of the floor, he holds near-perfect equilibrioception, being able to hold his balance on any surface with near perfection in order to achieve his goals. At some point he sprinted across bard wire that was only 1cm in diameter, showcasing his equilibrioception but he added his overall speed kept him from truly falling down.

Hunter Skills: Hunter Skills refers to a set of secretive physical techniques passed down from hunter to another by mouth along and such no written document of any kind exists, magical or otherwise.

  • Vanish: Samuel demonstrated to hold the skill to quickly gained accelerated burst of speed in a instant, vanishing and appearing another location, almost akin to Teleportation Magic or even Speed Magic. He demonstrated this skill during the 4th day of the Grand Magic Games during the Naval Battle, appearing from the stands to the air as he caught Lucy mid-air, shocking onlookers and even Minvera for this tremendous speed. However he explained that this particular skill requires a lot of physical strength and stamina for him and only uses it when absolutely necessary.
  • Double Jump: Samuel demonstrated to have proficient skill in "double jump" and is use in many scenarios. He considers this particular one as one of the useful skills a Hunter has, allowing one to reach high places much quickly then climbing.

Genius-Level Intellect: Samuel is an dedicated scientist and inventor, a incredibly intelligent man whose business began to strive due to his ingenious level of creativity and applying those ideas to reality. An avid inventor, he has created some revolutionary items that improved the quality of lifes as well manufactured advanced forms of weaponry such as firearms. He is able to quickly solve otherwise problematic conditions, solve puzzles and figure out solutions to situations when the need arises. As an master engineer that helped the kingdom of Edolas to exist without the need of magic, he has came up to solutions to every known issue in Edolas from transportation, more reliant fuel sources and was able to turn automobiles such as Natsu Dragion's vehicle to utilise fossil fuels for energy, not magic energy. His intellect is greatly revered by the population of Edolas. He has even assisted the kingdom during the Cursed War against an group of etherious in Edolas, becoming an general of Edolas Army.

Master Engineer: Samuel is demonstrated and shown as a master mechanical engineer and craftsman, capable of creating mechanical machines and items and hold a higher degree of knowledge in this field of study. As a manufacturer of weapons, he has invented a magnitude of weapons for almost all situations and purposes. His engineering skills was proven invaluable when he was directed to the kingdom of Edolas where he encountered Edolas' Fairy Tail guild, where he was able to re-engineer Natsu Dragion's vehicle and allow it to run on alternative means of fuel, commonly called "fossil fuels", shocking the guild members before exclaiming that he should them. However when Levy asked if he can try to deal with their old machine that handled teleportation, he told her that is far more complex and will require magic no matter what. When he was introduced to Mystogan, otherwise more known as Prince Jellal, he told the king that there is other viable means of power as he be aware and can assist him in making power without magic. He went on to assist the kingdom of Edolas by establishing alternative power and inventing new machinery, even being an architect of new buildings during this time.

Expert Tactician: Samuel demonstrate great degree of tactical and strategic knowledge, and understands an particular formula for conflicts and confrontations. During the Misericordia-Illuminati War, he was among Misericordia's tacticians and often among the commanding officers for firearm-based units.

Expert Businessman: Even before officially forming his own company, Samuel demonstrated an great understanding of business, he can coordinates resource efforts and shown high degree of knowledge on how economy operates with multiple conditions. He was described as "charismatic" and very fond of partnerships and getting to work. Having operating his own small business that he manufactured firearms for the city guard. He mostly shown dedication and progress within the scientific community mainly revolving around firearms, capable of selling his firearms for affordable prices. Many firearms utilized by various of people originated from his firearm company.

Former Magic

Devil Slayer Magic (滅悪魔法 Metsuaku Mahō): During his time in the Wild Lands in Edolas and participated in the Seven-Year War against the Etherious located in Edolas, Samuel was forced to learn Devil Slayer Magic by taking over the body of an Etherious in order to successfully combat against the hostile Etherious. In the world of Edolas, it has been show mysterious that Devil Slayer Magic, specifically the one used by Samuel that been simply called Crimson Devil Slayer Magic was able to be used in the world of Edolas despite the lack of magic energy in the atmosphere. Throughout the Seven-Year War, he had utilized this magic against the demonic horde of the Etherious aided by the Kingdom of Edolas. Furthermore it has been shown this magic holds the capacity of Enchantment, using this aspect to create Devil Slayer Magi-infused firearm ammunition for the Edolosian military against the demons, increasing the firepower of the military significantly. Ultimately trained by the Etherious that taught him the magic and its element unknown, he'd slowly became one of Edolas' most powerful figures due to this magic, the only magic he can officially utilize. The element while not known manifests as an crimson flame of some sorts cold to the touch that can consume and freeze anything it touches. By the end of the Seven-Year War and the deaths of all hostile Etherious, Samuel then lost the capacity to use this magic, the Devil's mark dissipating from his body, however before losing it, he was able utilize the remaining magic to power the difunctional Anima and return to Earth Land.

  • Crimson Devil's Rage (紅魔の激昂 Kurenaima no Gekikō): Samuel releases an beam of crimson fire-like beam from his mouth that can dwarf the common foot soldiers of the hostile Etherious and the humans of the Kingdom of Edolas. The power and strength carried by the spell has been shown to be devastating, despite its fiery appearance had instantly frozen anything it touches down to their very cellular structure, killing demons almost entirely instantly but high-tier demons such as members of the Demon Pillars.



Dragoon Revolver

Former Equipment

Sword of Triton (トリトンの剣 Toriton no Ken): An legendary sword created by and for an god named Triton, once in possession of Butch Florida before it was given to Samuel. It enabled him to perform uniquely defined Lost Magic of God Slayer Magic over the facets of Water Magic, while not allowing him to devour the element, the sword is capable of increasing its power by absorbing water and it also gets repaired by the element in-question. However at some point in its life, it was completely destroyed and was unable to recover despite its unique, regenerative qualities.

Aetherial Shield (エーテリアルシールド Ēteriaru Shīrudo): An legendary magical shield capable of blocking almost all forms of magics, enabling Samuel to charge head into battle into oncoming magic fire and be unscathed. It's an legendary fabled item valued for its defences being the greatest, as per legend is made from adamantine. However despite its power, it was destroyed at some point, and incapable of being repaired.

Trivia & Notes

  • Samuel's now required to wear specialized glasses due to the Aptrgangr's crippling him, mainly revolving around his vision via acid-based Dragon Slayer Magic, causing visual damage though he had been wearing glasses prior.
  • Named and based on Samuel Colt.
  • Physically represented Abraham Van Helsing.
  • Samuel became a permanent member of Edolas' Fairy Tail guild.