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Power Seed

Mystical ring



The Power Seed is a mystical ring of unknown, mysterious origins made by the "Academy".


The Power Seed is an mystical ring worn by Recorder, a inter-dimensional traveler that travels across the multiverse recording various of heroes in their stories, essentially a more active branch of the Watchers. The ring grants Recorder boosted capabilities with each new recording of an hero, allowing her to perform highly. She has since given to Eibon, the heroic Dragonborn to "borrow" as they fight against the dragons and stop Alduibn. While being used by Eibon, the ring boosts his overall melee capabilities and enhances his physical strength along with reducing how long Thu'um's cooldown after use.

Eibon describes the ring as something that be very valuable in Skyrim and across Tamriel due to its properties, though Recorder did explain due to not being part of the Academy, most of its power is sealed when used by someone who did not originally acquired it.