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James Cook
 Homeworld Coruscant
 Born 52 BBY
 Species Human
 Gender Male
 Height 1.90 meters
 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Geen
 Skin Color Light
Chronological & Political Information
 Era(s) Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era
New Republic era
 Affiliation(s) Alliance to Restore the Republic (Phoenix Cell)
Galactic Empire (Imperial Navy)
Galactic Republic (Republic Navy)
"Who's Captain Cook?"
"Captain James Cook was a Republic captain that lead alongside us clones during the Clone War. If we were to get any commanders, he'd be our guy to act as a captain for the Rebellion.
Ezra and clone captain Rex.

James Cook was a human male who once served as a senior-ranking naval officer in the Galactic Republic to its successor, the Galactic Empire. James once served in the Republic Navy as one of their most decorated officers, and had participated within the Clone Wars. His valuble skill in anaylze and tactics lead him to become one of the Republic's most feared captain. Even after the Republic conversion into the Empire, James would continue his naval service well within the Imperial Nay until he defected against the Empire, and went into hiding when he's located by Ahsoka Tano right before the Galactic Civil War, and joined into the Rebellion as a senior naval officer.

Born on the capital of Coruscant, James was a child of a long line of naval officers in the Republic Navy. At a young age, he'd entered the Republic Naval Academy and trained to become a officer. He'd soon graduated from the academy, and soon reach to the title of Captain where he'd shown extraordinarily tactical intelligence and wisdom just before the outbreak of the Clone Wars.