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Rise of the Empire era
Arthur Pendragon

59 BBY (Gateway Gaming/Legends)


19 BBY (Legends)






1.8 meters (typical)

Hair Colour

Blond or black are the typical colors

Eye Color

Blue or black are the common colors


Commonly possess no cybernetics, unless in the Star Wars universe

Chronological & Political Information

Rise of the Empire era Rise of the Empire era (Star Wars)


Star Wars

  • Jedi Order Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic Galactic Republic

Arthur Pendragon, otherwise also going by as Augustus is the name to many iterations of the an major character by CaptainFlowerss.

Star Wars

In the Star Wars continuities, he's an human male born to an distant planetary world (either born and raised in a royal family, or born into a royal family and placed elsewhere due to circumstances or conditions). Arthur is shown to been combat intuitive, taking a commanding role in the continuties. In Gateway Gaming continuity, he was the Jedi Commander of the 200th Brigade, a Gateway Gaming clone trooper brigade, lead by Jedi General Traa Yalrec. However in Legends, Arthur was a Jedi Knight not formally assigned to a clone unit, under the mentorship of the late Traa Yalrec til his 10 years before the Clone Wars

Gateway Gaming

Arthur Pendragon/Gateway Gaming

Arthur Pendragon in the Gateway Gaming continuity born born in a royal family, unofficially recognized as Arthur Autem Eurodon in the Eurodonian language. "Pendragon" was the name he was given by an dragon after escaping slavery and landed on Patria. Raised on Patria alone til his encounter with the dragon, realizations of his force-sensivity soon marked him as an target to a number of Dark Side cults, with the intervention of Traa Yalrec, an Kel Dor female Jedi Master and taking him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


Arthur Pendragon/Alternate


Arthur Pendragon/Legends

Following the Legends continuity, Arthur Pendragon was born on the world of Teraa and raised in House Britannia. Soon revealed to have force-sensivity, he was taken by Traa, a female Kel Dor Jedi Master, who was told to take Arthur in the midst of a ongoing war between the Martians and the Terrans.